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Calls and Guidelines

Call for Presentations - Deadline for submission is February 17, 2023

Oral presentations

Oral presentations during regular sessions will be 15 minutes long, plus 5 minutes for questions at the end of each talk (20 minutes total). Oral presentations must be created using a MS PowerPoint file type (preferred .pps or .ppsx) for PCs ONLY. Apple-based and other formats or file types will not be accepted. All PowerPoint presentations should be formatted for power point show (slide standard size 4X3) using MS Office 2016 to ensure the greatest compatibility with anticipated projection equipment and computer support. As always, give credit where credit is due by naming the image owner. If an image is copyrighted, please get permission from the image owner before using it.

Poster presentations

Each poster must be contained within a 3-foot-high × 4-foot-wide area. Additional questions about display boards and/or poster size should be directed to Jeff Kozma at kozj@yakamafish-nsn.gov

To submit:

  • Format your submission using the Abstract Submission Guidelines found here. Note: Incorrectly formatted abstracts will be returned for revision.
  • Email submissions to abstractsfor2023JAM@gmail.com
  • Include your presentation type (poster or oral) in the email subject line.

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