Washington Chapter

of The Wildlife Society

Chapter Awards

Chapter Award: 

Bruce Thompson – 2020

Mike Hall – 2017
Bill Vogel – 2016
Mike Passmore – 2015
Joshua Benton – 2014

Leadership in Conservation Award: 

Mel Walters - 2022

Paul Dahmer - 2022

Greg Green – 2020

Dyanna Lambourn – 2020

John Calambokidis – 2019

Chris Loggers – 2018

John Fleckenstein – 2018
Woody Myers – 2017
Bruce Livingston – 2015
Harriet Allen – 2014

Jim Bottorff – 2013
David Brittell – 2011

Conservation Award: 

William Ritchie - 2022

Scott Pearson - 2022

Jim Watson – 2020

Rachel Maggi – 2018
Joe Engler – 2017
Heidi Newsome – 2017
Bud Anderson – 2016
WSDOT – 2015

Betsy Howell – 2014

Outreach Award:  

Jeff Hogan – 2020

Port Blakely Tree Farms, LP — 2015

Foresight Award:  

Leland Brown, Chris Parrish, and Mick Cope - 2022

Michael Schroeder – 2020

Frithiof Teal Waterstrat – 2018
Dale Herter – 2017
Jeff Kozma – 2016
Jeff Lewis – 2015
Dave Hays, Ann Potter, Karen Holtrop – 2014

W.H. Lawrence Special Achievement Award: 

Molly Alves - 2022

Scott Gremel – 2020

Rich Harris – 2017
Dan Varland – 2015

Elizabeth Roderick – 2014

Ken Berg – 2013
Kent Woodruff – 2011, 2018

Partnership Award:  

Cheryl Bartlett and Karen Holtrop - 2022

Safari Club International and Yakama Indian Nation – 2020

Matt Blankenship – 2020

Ted Thomas – 2017

Eyes in the Woods Program – 2016
Ken Bevis – 2015
Foster Creek Conservation District – 2014

Stewardship Award:  

WDFW Forest Health Team - 2022

Joint Base Lewis-McChord – 2020

PacifiCorp – 2018
Tom and Cindy Beechinor – 2017
Yacolt Burn Sportsmen’s Club - 2015
Port Blakely Tree Farms – 2014

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Award Categories:

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W.H. Lawrence Special Achievement Award

Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for a specific task or project that has contributed significantly to wildlife conservation in Washington. Mr. Lawrence was the first president of WA-TWS.

Leadership in Conservation Award

A person or organization that has made sustained and significant contributions over many years to wildlife conservation.

Conservation Award

Outstanding accomplishment (program or project) by a person or organization for significant contributions to wildlife conservation, including efforts involving outstanding initiative, innovation, and personal risk of failure.

Stewardship Award

Outstanding accomplishment (program or project) by a person or organization for significant management of property for the conservation of wildlife.

Partnership Award

Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for working with and establishing partnerships that otherwise would not have existed or functioned as well without their initiative, and which has resulted in significant advancement of wildlife conservation.

Outreach Award

Outstanding accomplishment by a person or organization for outstanding efforts in providing educational opportunity to school children, user groups, or the general public related to wildlife conservation, including wildlife biology, habitat, threats, and wildlife-management principles.

Foresight Award

Outstanding contribution by a person or organization for outstanding foresight and efforts to address conservation of species and/or habitat in a timely manner. For instance, endangered or threatened species listing decisions and conservation can be aided by information collected and efforts initiated prior to the when the urgency is well understood or publicized. This includes initiating monitoring, research, or enhancement projects prior to a species reaching levels or legal status where such actions are necessary.

Chapter Award

Awarded to individuals or organizations that have made significant contributions to the support and growth of the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

Terms and Definitions

“Wildlife Conservation” is defined as: Conservation of wildlife populations, wildlife habitats, and natural-resource values that support wildlife and their habitats.

“Wildlife” includes all mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and plants that compose the native biodiversity of the region. It can also include management of introduced or non-native species when the result is beneficial to native wildlife and habitats.

“Conservation” includes research; science-based evaluation, assessment, and planning; inventory; monitoring; management; law enforcement; furthering the understanding of the principles of ecology and wildlife management; and advocating sound wildlife stewardship.

“Management” includes actions to maintain or enhance habitats, populations, or natural processes affecting populations and habitats, as well as the responsible control of individuals or populations of wildlife or addressing invasive species.

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