Washington Chapter

of The Wildlife Society


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Chapter Operations


Review the financial records and support documents of the Treasurer at least once every 2 years.  The committee also shall review these records and documents prior to any change in the office of the Treasurer.

2022 Chair: Vacant  Members: Vacant


Maximize Chapter/Parent/NW Section membership of qualified persons residing or working within WA State.

2022 Chair: Vacant  Members: Vacant

Nominations and Elections

Prepare slate of 2 candidates for each open board position

      • All nominees must be Voting Members
      • Prior approval shall be obtained from said candidates
      • Nomination slate available to be submitted to the membership at least 30 days before balloting begins.

Additional nominees may be added to the slate upon signed support of ≥ 6 members, provided prior approval has been obtained from each nominee.

2022 Chair: Vacant  Members: Vacant


Arrange programs of all regular and annual meetings; provide President and President-elect with a proposed agenda for the Annual Meeting at least 2 months prior to the meeting date.

2022 Chair: Alex Pavlinovic  Members: Bruce Thompson, Bill Vogel

Technical Communication

Conservation Review

Review legislative proposals, administrative regulations, environmental assessments/impact statements, and other subjects/issues affecting wildlife or habitat within WA State. Provide Board with recommendations regarding potential actions to be taken by the Chapter. The Chair may ask any Chapter member to assist with reviews.

2022 Chair: Kevin White  Members: Vacant

Education and Information

Seek and employ methods of informing the public of basic wildlife management concepts and of Chapter and Society activities and interests.

2022 Chair: Vacant  Members: Vacant

Resolutions and Public Statements

Receive proposals for resolutions and public statements sponsored by ≥ 2 active members. Prepare and submit recommend action(s) to the Board.

2022 Chair: Vacant  Members: Vacant

Member Recognition


Oversee timely announcement of opportunities for all Chapter award categories, compile nominations, and prepare nomination summary and recommendations for Board action.

2022 Chair: Bill Vogel  Members: Wendy Arjo, Jesse Burgher, Tony FuchsAlexander PavlinovicWayne Reglin, Ron Tressler


Responsible for soliciting applicants and reviewing applications for the award of grant funds. The Grant Committee will submit their recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board, who will make the final decisions. Application forms will be made available to all Chapter members at least 2 months before the application deadline.  

2022 Chair: Tony Fuchs  Members: Jen Syrowitz


Consists of the President, President-Elect, and at least two other Voting Members. Responsible for soliciting applicants and for evaluating potential candidates. The Scholarship Committee will submit their recommendations for consideration by the Executive Board, who will make the final decisions. The Board will award funds as appropriate. Alert sent to all members of the Chapter at least two months prior to the application deadline.

2022 Chair: Merci Clinton  Members: Lisa Fitzner, Sara Hansen, Matt Wilson

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